Chapter Meetings

Professional Development Meetings (PDMs) are normally scheduled from September through May on the second Tuesday of the month. We welcome feedback from our members on what worked well in the past as well as what future PDM subjects you would find of value. Please email VP PROGRAMS with your comments or suggestions.  A complete list of all of our upcoming events can be found under FUTURE EVENTS.

Feb 13

February Professional Development Meeting

A new analysis approach based on process intelligence is emerging as a specialized technique to provide deep insights into key operational processes...
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Mar 13

March Professional Development Meeting

Campbell Soup’s Journey to Dynamic Algorithm-based Supply Chain Planning

Apr 10

April Professional Development Meeting

Gore & Associates' implementation of S&OP in a Matrix Organization

May 8

Top Mangement Night

Become a great company or become irrelevant. The difference between the two is likely dependent on whether you are building something from the past or something aligned with a new paradigm. We’ve been seeing the emergence of a new breed of company, which