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Summary of February PDM

Speaker: Rebecca Leyson

Our February PDM was attended by 48 very interested individuals all interested in how to use Linked-In to “Power Your Career (or transition) Forward”. Our speaker, Rebecca Leyson, a Senior Transition Coach at RiseSmart, gave us concrete recommendations for improving our Linked-In profiles as well real world examples of how recruiters and HR professionals view resumes. Here are a few examples of the topics she covered:

  • There are over 400,000,000 people on Linked-In.  Every second, 2 more people signup.
  • 98% of recruiters use Linked-In to screen or find candidates.
  • The average recruiter spends 6 seconds on a resume

Her charts are available upon request. In addition to the charts, she prepared a Linked-In Tip Sheet. Contact Al Leigh ([email protected])