2019 Top Management Night: Supply Chain Management is on the way out! The World needs Intelligent Product Flow Networks

May 14, 2019
5:45 PM - 8:30 PM

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Harry’s Savoy Grill
2020 Naaman’s Road
Wilmington, DE 19810
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Top Management Night is our yearly event where we encourage you to invite your favorite professional manager or influential leader, past or present, to attend as a guest of the APICS Brandywine Valley Chapter. This night has come to be known for its excellent speakers and outstanding cuisine, and provides a great opportunity to network with supply chain and operations professionals, and learn more about APICS Brandywine Valley's offerings for both individuals and companies.

    Supply Chain Management is on the way out!
      The World needs Intelligent Product Flow Networks

Keith Launchbury, CFPIM, CIRM, CSCP, DDPP, DDLP

Keith Launchbury & Associates

Businesses today face multiple challenges, the world has become more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) all at the same time.  Despite enormous computing power at their fingertips, many companies are frustrated by the inability of their Enterprise Management and Supply Chain Management systems to provide real answers to the challenges that are faced every day. Supply Chain Management has simply not kept pace with the digital revolution. On June 15, 2018 the Harvard Business Review published an article entitled “The Death of Supply Chain Management” by Allan Lyall, Pierre Mercier and Stefan Gstettner and this is an extract:-

The supply chain is the heart of a company’s operations. To make the best decisions, managers need access to real-time data about their supply chain, but the limitations of legacy technologies can thwart the goal of end-to-end transparency. However, those days may soon be behind us. New digital technologies that have the potential to take over supply chain management entirely are disrupting traditional ways of working. Within 5-10 years, the supply chain function may be obsolete, replaced by a smoothly running, self-regulating utility that optimally manages end-to-end work flows and requires very little human intervention.”

Companies like Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon are on the leading edge of revolutionary change that is disrupting the status quo of business as usual, and putting less agile competitors out of business.

The challenge is how to enable products to flow seamlessly across borders and trading zones, with the same ease as they can be transferred between departments in the same building. Many supply chains are simply too wasteful in terms of inventory and also too rigid in terms of time and cost.

In this vastly different business environment, it will truly be a question of the survival of the fittest, and there will be no time to waste in making sure that the entire supply chain is governed by fast, flexible product flow. Many companies will simply cease to exist if they do not adapt to the latest thinking about intelligent Product Flow Networks driven by actual customer demand. The future belongs to those companies with integrated and flexible supplier networks that are empowered by information and are capable of responding rapidly to any change in market or delivery conditions.

During this presentation, Keith will explain how companies must adapt in order to remain viable in this new VUCA world.

5:45 - 6:30  Registration & Networking
6:30 - 7:15  Dinner
7:15 - 8:30  Announcements and Speaker

Speaker Biography:
Keith is the president of Keith Launchbury & Associates, a company that since 1983 has been committed to providing practical, realistic and innovative ideas for the improvement of business operations. He is a renowned and accomplished international speaker, educator and author. Certified by APICS in three program areas, CFPIM, CIRM and CSCP, he served as International President of APICS in 1991, and as Chair of the Curricula and Certification Council from 1995 to 1997. He is the author of two APICS courses, the Master Planning of Resources, and the Principles of Planning. In addition he is Certified in Demand Driven Planning and Demand Driven Leadership and is a Master Instructor for the Demand Driven Institute.

He has published numerous checklists and articles, and he is the author of the following business books:

- “Business Intelligence, lessons learned from the oxymorons at work”

- “Intelligent Business, lessons learned from the experts at work.”

- “The Journey, unleashing the power of business integration” a business novel with Claire Bloom


In addition, he has also written the following books with Claire Bloom:-

- “Getting Better: My journey through Transverse Myelitis, and lessons for Health Care Professionals, Patients and Families”

- “All Systems Down, one families path to survival in the post apocalyptic world created by climate change”


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